Introducing KuWIN — The Graphical User Interface of KuDOS!

An important milestone in the development of the KuDOS ecosystem was reached today! We just launched KuWIN — the graphical user interface of KuDOS. This new platform is the foundation for the exciting upcoming dApps that we are preparing for our holders!

KuWIN in action

KuWIN is the foundation for the final pieces of our KuDOS Ecosystem:

  • The KuDOS Farming dApp — Farm KEX and other L2 tokens using your KuDOS!
  • The NFT Marketplace — Trade original KuDOS Game NFTs, Reward NFTs, Art, and more.
  • The Original KuDOS Games — Spend KuDOS to get a chance to win awesome regards.

KuWIN now possesses graphical versions of our tools, which can easily be launched from the Desktop. Check out “New KCC Tokens” for instance!

It also includes plently of easter eggs — try out WinAmp for example! KuWIN is now under intensive further development, and will receive lots of updates in the coming days, so stay tuned!

KuDOS — KCC’s first tool platform