As we prepare for the launch of our KuWINDOWS Yield Generation dApp, we are proud to announce the launch of the KuDOS Ecosystem’s governance token: The $KEX.

What are the launch use cases of $KEX?

  • KuDOS Project Governance.
  • Farming at KuWINDOWS using $KEX staking.

What are $KEX’s tokenomics?

  • 21 million…

Welcome to the Kusama Disk Operating System and Aping Environment

Get our $KUDOS token to access our 5% Reflection Fees, as well as our upcoming KuDOS dApps! Each transaction on $KUDOS attracts an additional 2% Burn Feel, which slowly reduces the circulating supply.

The $KUDOS Tokenomics at a glance:



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